Herron Point 13 September 2017

Herron Pt 13 Sept 17

Herron Point 13 September 2017

So far this year, winter has been a bit of a non-event for me as I haven’t managed to get out and do as much astrophotography as I would have liked. So when our local Facebook astro group (Perth Astrophotographers) created an event for Wednesday night at Herron Point, I didn’t have to think too hard about it. These events are great as they bring together people from around Perth, that have a similar passion for astro, but have various levels of experience, so anyone can come along and socialise, learn, teach or just take photos.

I’ve been down to Herron Point a few times for various events and really do enjoy the location. While its a bit of a drive for me (about 90 minutes one way), the sky is nice and dark, so we can get some lovely shots of the Milky Way, and that makes it worth the time. I’m looking for a spot a bit closer to home to hold similar events so the northern/eastern living members won’t have as far to drive, we’ll see what happens.

This is the first time I’ve attempted a panoramic shot of the Milky Way and I think it’s the first time I’ve managed to shoot the arch rather than having it vertical. As we’re reaching the latter part of the Milky Way season, it’s arching a lot earlier than the first half of the year, so we aren’t having to wait until 2am or later to get this type of shot.

As I got there around 6pm, I managed to get some sunset shots and to test out the crystal ball I picked up off eBay. I quite like the effect and will certainly use it for future outings, I just have to work out how to hold it in place (duh, it rolls, almost like a ball … ). After sunset it was time to chat, shoot and generally just enjoy being out under all these stars. I ended up with two panos that I was fairly happy with and have some thoughts on how to improve the next ones I take. I ended up heading home about 9:30 and hit the doorstep just before 11pm. Of course I then had to check the photos I took so didn’t end up in bed til midnight 🙂