East Perth Photo Walk

Sunset over Claisebrook Cove

East Perth Photo Walk

Camera Electronic and Canon Australia put on a photo walk in East Perth this evening. Even though I use Nikon gear, I’ve always had a warm welcome at these type of events. Canon have a fantastic rapport with their users and go out of their way to encourage and teach everyone how to get the most from their equipment. If you haven’t already noticed, they work closely with their retailers (such as Camera Electronic and Midland Camera House) as well as providing a forum for these types of events, called the Canon Collective. If you haven’t seen any of these pages before, and are keen to learn, go and check them out, you won’t be sorry. Generally the events are free but they do run specialised events that have some nominal costs.

This event revolved around long exposures and how to utilise filters to keep the shutter open for longer. Luckily I’d picked up a cheap set of neutral density filters from eBay a week or two ago and this was the first chance I had to play with them. Considering they were a lot cheaper than splashing out on NISI or Lee filters, they actually did pretty well.

We all lined up along the pathway and faced westwards into Claisebrook Cove trying to capture some of the sunset colours as the sun was setting. Unfortunately it didn’t provide as spectacular sunset as we’ve had before but there were a few flashes of pinks and oranges for a few minutes.

As it got darker I headed eastwards, towards the new Perth Stadium, as I was keen to capture the full moon rising next to it with the lights of the stadium that they were testing that night. Sadly the clouds hung around and some rain started to come in so I missed the moon-rise this time but the moon keeps coming back and the stadium won’t be going anywhere so I will try it again.

All in all it was good evening and I managed to catch up with a few fellow enthusiasts that I had met on previous outings.