Helena River macro

Helena River Macro

Helena River macro shoot

Midland Camera House arrange events during the year that are mostly free and are co-hosted with various vendors, so the vendors can bring their new toys along for people to check out and also so people can go and try new techniques or styles and get assistance from experienced trainers. You can check them out here Midland Camera House Facebook page and sign up for the events by ringing or going in to the store. Today was a Canon sponsored event around the Helena River, focusing on macro photography or basically, making small objects appear big enough to fill a photo :). This isn’t something I have done much of so I was keen to get some advice.

Unfortunately, due to picking up a new desk for my wife and it needed to be picked up asap (free desk on Gumtree #Winning) as the previous owners were moving house, I ran about 45 minutes late and missed the group. Luckily, as I was walking along the dirt road, I came across a couple of ladies who also had their cameras out and were taking close up photos of things. After introductions it turns out they were fellow star chasers from the Facebook group Perth Astrophotographers and we had actually already met at Island Point a few weeks ago (insert obvious joke about people looking different in the light :)). They had also had an issue with timing and missed the crew.

So we grouped up and proceeded to wander around taking photos of small things and seeing how they turned out. Overall it was a fun time and while we didn’t get the advantage of assistance from the experts, we all agreed it got us out of our houses and doing something different. I think I will need to do more macro photos 🙂