Burns Beach sunset 18 May 2017

Burns Beach Sunset

Burns Beach sunset

I had an early finish at work and, with the sky looking sensational, I ducked home, grabbed my camera gear and headed towards the coast. I’d seen some lovely photos shot from Burns Beach earlier in the week so I told Google maps where to take me.

I got there about 45 minutes before sunset and started looking for a good location to shoot from. I’m learning that it’s important to have something in the photo, apart from the sunset, to differentiate it from other photos you take. Otherwise you end up with the same shot each time.

As I was traipsing along the beach I noticed some limestone with a small hole in it, looking towards the ocean. To call it a cave is being generous, more like a hole in the rocks, but it looked like it would do the trick.

I set up the camera with a neutral density filter and adjusted the tripod to allow it to shoot through the opening and sat down to wait for sunset. I managed to get a number of shots as the sun was setting and am fairly happy with the resulting picture.

Here is my favourite shot and a couple of close run seconds. I threw in a shot of the opening and camera set up for reference.