Lesmurdie Falls 27 Aug 2017

Lesmuride Falls 27 Aug 2017

Lesmurdie Falls 27 Aug 2017

An event organised through one of Perth’s best Facebook photography groups, Friends in Focus Perth. Caitlin and I met up with a group of FIF members for a wander around Lesmurdie Falls on a Sunday mid-morning.

Despite having lived in Perth for 50 years, I hadn’t been up to this part of the city before, but it’s certainly on my list to go back and explore again.

We got there early but struggled to find a parking spot, so I ended up dropping Caitlin off and parking further down the road, well away from the parking area.

We headed towards a bunch of people carrying camera bags and tripods, on the off chance that was our group (of course it was, who else carries that much gear). After introductions we waited for the last stragglers to arrive and headed up the path towards the top of the falls and The Cascades.

I didn’t have any ND filters to allow me to have the shutter open for a while and get the lovely flowing effects, so I shot a few frames and later stacked them together, to achieve the same effect.

After spending some time at The Cascades, we headed back down the trail to the lookout where we were level with the falls and there was a lovely view of the city as well.

That was when we left as we had other things to do, but next time I’m there I plan to walk down to the bottom of the falls as well.

All in all, a very nice event and well worth visiting.